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Deep Relaxation for Everyone

Girl Relaxing

Especially during this challenging Pandemic time, I am offering Guided Relaxation Audios for free.

We all need to take precious time to relax!


And please, if you know hospital staff, or others working or living in challenging circumstances, let them know about this offering.

(There are also special Prenatal Guided Relaxation Audios on this website. Please let pregnant women and expectant parents know about these.)  


After many years of teaching relaxation classes, I created these guided relaxations to be used at home.

Set to a background of beautiful music, the soothing voice creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquillity. You can allow the nervous system to settle down, to heal, to feel safe. Simply coming to rest.  

There is also the option to have just the music, without voice-over. Having listened to the guided relaxations, the music alone will conjure up the state of deep relaxation on its own.


Guided Deep Relaxation for Peace and Wellbeing (23 minutes)


In the midst of busy lives, we often forget to nurture ourselves. This guided deep relaxation provides precious moments of refreshing peace and stillness.

This relaxation audio will help you to:
  • Learn to relax more easily and sleep more deeply

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and increase your health and well-being.

  • Enjoy precious moments of deeply nourishing rest

  • Take time out just for you

"It is so relaxing, most of the time I don't even hear the end, because I've fallen asleep!"

"Even after years of meditation, I went deeper than ever."

Breath Meditation for All  (16 minutes)


This guided meditation encourages using the breath to deeply let go, and come to rest in this present moment.

The recording ends after 16 minutes, but you are invited to let yourself continue sitting quietly for longer.

" What a superb CD you have created! It nourishes my body, mind and soul"

Download the album here for FREE (for a limited time only):

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