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I have had the great privilege of spending much of my adult life helping women birth with dignity and respect (accompanied by partners who are well prepared and supportive) and helping babies to be born gently into a loving and compassionate environment.


I feel truly grateful to have shared many deep moments of vulnerability and presence with mothers as they navigate the journey into parenthood. I have also been honoured to support the dying in their journey.

I have attended hundreds of wonderful births.


And this photo shows me holding one of my many gorgeous baby friends some years ago.

When child-bearing couples become informed and confident, these empowered parents (by asserting their understanding and needs) can influence the practices and politics of birth in our society at large.




My first influence in the area of birth was my mother, Marilyn. I was one of the early 'Lamaze babies' born in the late 50's in Paris, France. My mother had a natural birth with me, and my father was with her throughout (rare in those days). My mother always told me that birth was natural and easy for her. She was not worried about it and in fact went to the hairdresser when she was in early labour! She used to often do guided relaxations with me as a child, and later she became involved in Buddhist meditation practice. Her positive attitude about birth rubbed off on me. I had no idea that later in life I would be so involved in birth and meditation myself. 

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Extract from The Pelvic Floor with Lina Clerke

Extract from The Pelvic Floor with Lina Clerke

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