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Prenatal Relaxation Audios


During this challenging time of Corona Pandemic, my heart goes out to the pregnant mothers and their unborn babies.

I am offering these Guided Relaxations for free, to help create peace for both, so that babies can grow in an environment of safety and love.

Please make use of these recordings as often as possible.  Enjoy and experience perfect relaxation for you and your baby. Fathers and partners will benefit too!

Further Pre / Postnatal support is available by Consultation

(Follow this link for Guided Relaxation for Everyone).


Guided Relaxations for PREGNANCY, BIRTH & BEYOND: 

This mp3 album offers you a comprehensive package which supports you in the amazing, life-changing  transition to parenthood.

Covering pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, these five tracks can give you skills, confidence and special 'time out' just for YOU (something parents too often neglect to give to themselves).

Created by Lina Clerke, an experienced Childbirth Educator, midwife and mother. You can now enjoy the benefits of Lina's 35 years experience in teaching positive birth preparation and pre-natal relaxation, all in the comfort of your own home.

Set to a background of beautiful music, Lina's soothing voice creates a feeling of peace and tranquillity, while you learn valuable skills for a joyful birth experience and positive parenting.

Pregnancy is a time when both mother and unborn baby benefit from and need love and support in order to prepare for life after birth. It is also invaluable to practice relaxing and letting go in preparation for birth. These recordings are especially created  so they can be used by mother on her own, or with a partner. Tracks 4 and 5 can even be used by family and friends - (even your children) for many years to come. Everyone needs to relax!

This prenatal relaxation audio album will help you to:
  • Approach labour and childbirth with calm confidence

  • Learn how to relax more easily and sleep more deeply

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and increase your health and well-being.

  • Connect more deeply with your unborn child

  • Involve both partners fully in the birth experience

  • Help you through the early years (and beyond) of parenting



1. Prenatal guided relaxation (30 minutes)

This takes you step by step into a very deep state of relaxation, using visualisation and the breath, helping you become more in touch with your growing body and baby. It encourages confidence and positive feelings about the unfolding pregnancy, labour and birth. It may also be used for insomnia, high blood pressure, stress or early labour.  SAMPLE:

Prenatal Guided Relaxation SampleLina Clerke
00:00 / 01:00

2. Breath meditation (23 minutes)

This powerful meditation teaches the importance of deeply letting go, softening and using your breath, bringing deep peace during pregnancy, and helping you to relax and trust your body in the birthing process. This simple breath release is invaluable throughout labour and is also a support for after the birth, helping you to be a more relaxed parent.



3. Baby meditation ( 20 minutes)

This delightful and moving relaxation session connects you deeply with your unborn child. Using visualisation and loving communication it encourages confidence and a joyful approach to parenting. It can also be a lovely, gentle way for fathers, partners and family to be involved during pregnancy.   SAMPLE:

Baby Meditation SampleLina Clerke
00:00 / 01:00

4. Post-natal / general relaxation (23 minutes)

In the midst of looking after a new baby or older child, mothers often forget to nurture themselves. This guided deep relaxation provides precious moments of refreshing peace and stillness. It may be used for many years, (including during pregnancy) and can be shared with children, fathers and partners.

5. Relaxation music without voice (30 minutes)

After using the guided relaxations in pregnancy, this calming music will have strong associations with deep states of relaxation, making it ideal for use during labour, breast feeding, night time parenting and general relaxation. The new baby will also be soothed as she recognises the music.

Download the album here for FREE (for a limited time only):

A terrific resource which I highly recommend for all pregnant women.”

D. Earl

Childbirth Education Co-ordinator, Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne


"It is so relaxing, most of the time I don't even hear the end of the CDs, because I've fallen asleep!"

"Even after years of meditation , with your CDs I went deeper than ever."

"With an active 2 year old, this "half-hour-out" for myself has been invaluable"

" What a superb CD you have created! It nourishes my body, mind and soul"

" My wife and I use these CDs three times a day as we approach the birth . I wish we had bought them a lot sooner. We love them."

"The positive messages were moving and empowering... I felt confident going into labour knowing that I could cope"

"During labour, I could hear your voice reminding me how to relax.. It was amazing ..........I was easily able to draw on those breathing skills that I had practiced with the CDs"

"I know all that prenatal bonding really helped. When she was born, I felt like we had known and loved each other already for a very long time''

"I also have been listening to your CDs Lina and they are wonderful! I am not through the second one yet, but when I was listening to them I had four boys in my house playing and well.. being boys and I was so amazingly relaxed as I made dinner! ..."

"Ooh I love it! Lina, I love your CDs because they give me an excuse to relax. I would love to do it every day and plan to in my third trimester, because it is so important especially for me who is always on the go and never relaxes until I fall exhausted into bed. Thank you!"


"So far I've enjoyed the 'baby meditation' (with partner) the most - I've been completely surprised at how much my husband has got out of it, after only a few listens. It's really lovely!"

"The post natal/general session is short enough to fit into a busy mom's schedule - but don't let that fool you. This is twenty-five minutes of the most intense relaxation you will ever experience. It's a terrific way to take some time out for yourself so that you can come back to your child refreshed and ready to give, love, and nurture."

From Tania, a new mother:

"I would just like to tell everyone how totally fantastic and thoroughly useful I have found Lina's CDs to be.


The prenatal relaxation helped me immensely throughout my pregnancy, particularly in my second trimester when I was diagnosed with mild anxiety attacks and became very easily stressed over what would seem to be quite minor issues.


By listening to Lina's CDs every night, I was able to sleep better and focus more clearly at work and above all remain positively focused.


The baby meditation was a beautiful time in which my partner and I could relax and share and send our love to our baby. It was a special way my partner could feel connected with the baby and feel more involved in the pregnancy.


With Lina's voice in my head and the breath work I had practiced every day, I was able to breathe my way through my labour with no nasty drugs.


I was so totally focused on my breath. By using voice release and opening, releasing, letting go and then relaxing in between contractions I was able to cope well with my contractions and help conserve my precious energy during my very long and tiring labour.

As Lina says it really is your anchor in the stormy seas of labour.


I always say to people that Lina's breath work really did get me through my labour and certainly helped me achieve the beautiful natural birth we so wanted and had worked towards.

I cannot recommend these CDs enough to my expectant friends.


The postnatal relaxation CD has also been very useful in helping me deal with what I found at times to be a very stressful transition into parenthood.

It gave me precious time to relax and nurture myself whilst having time out from baby and I found it benefited my overall physical and emotional health at the same time.


Recently when I supported a friend during labour, Lina's words came back to me.

I took every breath with my dear friend during her second stage and thanks to Lina I felt equipped to help and support her in the best possible way. I was even privileged enough to be able to hand her newborn son to his mothers breast straight after his birth.


Again thank you Lina, not only for your amazing workshop in which we learnt everything my husband and I needed to know to prepare for our daughters birth, but for your fantastic set of CDs which enabled me to keep practicing and preparing regularly at home with your voice to guide me."

~ Tania )

"Joyful Birth and Beyond"
Relaxation and Inspiration CDs by Lina Clerke - Reviewed by Karen Pestlin, Childbirth Education Director of Teacher Training for ALACE (USA)


A few months ago, I had the delightful privilege of meeting and spending time with Lina Clerke, a childbirth educator, and birth assistant from Australia. She was visiting family here in the United States, and as a hostess gift, she gave me her recently recorded relaxation tapes. Because the tapes were a four-sided set, I decided to set them aside for a rainy day, a day that I really had the time to experience them as well as listen to them. If I had realized the hidden treasure in these tapes, I would have certainly listened to them sooner!

Lina sets the tone for relaxation with her soothing, melodic voice (dare I say, her charming Australian accent?) She skillfully walks women and their partners down into that place where they can be open and trusting towards all aspects of labor and birth. Her very own spirit of faith and trust is transferred to the listener.

Each side has its own focus. Track one, in using visualization, breath, and deep relaxation, helps pregnant women to become more in touch with their changing body. They are encouraged to have positive feelings about their baby and pregnancy, and about the upcoming labor and birth.

Track two was my favorite. It is a wonderful preparation for birth and breastfeeding. Lina teaches the importance of letting go by softening and using your breath. She incorporates sounds that can match the power of labor and birth. In today's hospitals, women are discouraged from "making noise". This side alone is invaluable in countering that cultural taboo.

Track three is called the Baby Meditation. This visualization encourages loving communication with the baby in the womb, such a needed time and space for busy mothers and parents. This side is a lovely one for partners to listen to together.

Track four is of great benefit during the postpartum period. It is a guided deep relaxation encouraging new mothers (and fathers) to take time out to nurture themselves. It can be used for years!

Childbirth educators and midwives / birth attendants alike can use these CDs as a valuable tool for their clients. It would be a powerful reinforcement of the message that we all hope to pass on that childbearing is a sacred and lovely experience, and that our bodies work.

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