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Pre/Postnatal Consultations

(also available via Skype/ Zoom)

I have over 30 years experience working with pregnant, birthing and postnatal women,  couples and babies.

I see childbirth as a profound and potentially empowering experience in a woman's life.

I feel passionate about helping women to grow within themselves during pregnancy and to become relaxed and confident as women during childbirth and motherhood. 

Although my special focus has been natural, undisturbed birth, I am well aware of the challenges facing parents-to-be in achieving such a birth within the (often fear-driven) medical-based hospital system.

Because of my midwifery experience both in hospital and at home, I have many 'tricks up my sleeve' to share with expectant parents, wherever they choose to give birth.   

I offer a wide range of consultations in person or via Skype / Zoom, including:

  • Childbirth, Breastfeeding and Parenting Education sessions 

  • Identify your options, needs and personal preferences about birth

  • Discuss fears and prepare positively for labour and birth 

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques

  • 3-6 hour private mini workshops available - Practical, empowering and important for birth partners

  • Debriefing / understanding previous birth experiences 

  • Preparing for vaginal breech birth, VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarian) or elective caesarean birth

  • Avoiding or planning for induction of labour

  • Refresher classes and Sibling classes

  • Phone support during early or active labour

  • Breastfeeding support

I also offer:  


  • Baby massage classes - private or you can organise a small group

  • Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage, and Massage for Women (Shoreham by Sea)

  • Teaching partners how to massage the mother-to-be

  • Teaching pregnant women how to encourage their baby into optimal position for birth

  • Birth support / doula service

  • Breastfeeding / postnatal support  

  • Daily or occasional home visits as postnatal doula or short term Live-in Postnatal support, during the early days/weeks after birth

  • Planning or avoiding further pregnancies / natural fertility awareness

  • Pre- and postnatal photography and Birth photography

  • Professional development / in-service training for midwives, doulas, birth educators / Bowen and other Holistic Therapists/ Conference presentations

  • Birth education in schools


"Thank you so much for our day with you last week - you were beautifully inspiring on birth, and my mental strength going into the birth now is strong and full of joy." 




Private Consultations in Shoreham by Sea (near Brighton), West Sussex, UK

(75 minutes by train from London Victoria).

Phone / Skype / Zoom consultations available.

£40 for first hour (for those in hardship £20 or by donation)

For sessions lasting more than 2 hours: £30 per hour.

If two or more couples do session together, £20 per hour per couple

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