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Hello, my name is Lina. For many years I lived and worked in Australia, and now I am based in West Sussex, UK. I have over 30 years experience as a Holistic Therapist, Childbirth Educator, Birth Attendant (Doula), Registered Midwife and Bowen Technique Therapist. I enjoy working with all people (not only mothers and babies) to help them achieve optimum health and wellbeing. 


For many years I have taught relaxation classes, including meditation and mindfulness. My relaxation audios have been used by hundreds of people, to bring peace and wellbeing to their lives. My prenatal relaxation recordings have helped hundreds of women and couples to share beautiful moments of tranquillity with their unborn babies, and to prepare positively for birth and parenthood.

My (now grown up) son was born at home amidst the rolling hills and forests of Northern New South Wales, Australia. He is the baby shown in some of the photos on this website.


I have had the great privilege of spending much of my adult life helping women birth with dignity and respect (accompanied by partners who are well prepared and supportive) and helping babies to be born gently into a loving and compassionate environment. I feel truly grateful to have shared many deep moments of vulnerability and presence with mothers as they navigate the journey into parenthood. I have also been honoured to support the dying in their journey.

I have attended hundreds of wonderful births and this photo shows me holding one of my many gorgeous baby friends some years ago.

When child-bearing couples become informed and confident, these empowered parents (by asserting their understanding and needs) can influence the practices and politics of birth in our society at large.

This has been my life's work and passion. 

  • I am an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and Bowen Association of UK; I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia; I have held memberships in The Australian College of Midwives, The Australian College of Doulas and the YogaBirth Association (UK), and Advanced Educator membership of the National Association of Childbirth Educators (Australia). I am a Celebration for Girls facilitator, (workshops for mothers and daughters, honouring puberty). I have trained as a Mindfulness Teacher and an Infant Massage Instructor. 


  • I co-facilitate Professional Development Training for Bowen Therapists to work with mothers and babies. These trainings have been held around Europe including London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Bulgaria, Budapest, Poland and in 2018 Australia.

  • In 2014 I co-authored the chapter on pregnancy and birth in "Using the Bowen Technique" book, and in 2015 contributed widely to the book "Choices in Pregnancy and Childbirth", both written by John Wilks. 

    I have also produced Guided Relaxation CDs. See Audio relaxations on this website.





My first influence in the area of birth was my mother, Marilyn. I was one of the early 'Lamaze babies' born in the late 50's in Paris, France. My mother had a natural birth with me, and my father was with her throughout (rare in those days). My mother always told me that birth was natural and easy for her. She was not worried about it and in fact went to the hairdresser when she was in early labour! She used to often do guided relaxations with me as a child, and later she became involved in Buddhist meditation practice. Her positive attitude about birth rubbed off on me. I had no idea that later in life I would be so involved in birth and meditation myself. 

Over the years I have travelled widely and explored spiritual and personal growth through many avenues, too many to write about here in detail. My training and experience include the following (all of which inform my work):

  • Active Birth Teacher training in London with Janet Balaskas (renowned international author, teacher and founder of the International Active Birth Movement)

  • Childbirth Education Training with Parents Centres of Australia (now Birth International)

  • Graduate of the Bachelor of Midwifery Degree, Melbourne, Australia.

  • I have completed advanced training as a Bowen Technique Therapist (a gentle, wonderful and highly effective healing modality which I offer to all people- from newborn to the elderly). I also offer training to other Bowen therapists on use of Bowen Therapy with pregnancy and babies. For more details see link on home page and last article on the 'articles' page in this website.

  • Training in Infant Massage Instruction, Lactation Management, Women's Health, Natural Fertility Management,  and Counselling

  • Training in Yoga (specializing in pre / postnatal yoga and restorative yoga)

  • Training in mindfulness/deep meditation in England, Germany, India, USA and Australia

  • Training in Therapeutic, Remedial, Shiatsu, Prenatal and Deep Tissue Myofascial Release Massage in UK and Australia

  • Teaching Breastfeeding Classes and helping many new mothers with breastfeeding and newborn baby care.

  • Helping to set up inumerable self-help mother's support groups all over Melbourne

  • Exploration of creative and therapeutic dance, Tai Chi and belly dancing (lovely for pregnant women and babies)

  • Training in singing, breath and voice-release work (use of voice and breath is an important part of my work) and I have produced a  guided Relaxation Audio for use during pregnancy and beyond (details at link on homepage).  A general guided relaxation Audio is also available.

  • Training as a Mindfulness Teacher.

  • Training as a facilitator for Celebration Day for Girls - a mother-daughter workshop celebrating puberty.

  • Ongoing study of alternative therapies relating to the childbearing year and women's health.

  • I have taught Pre-natal and Infant Massage to massage therapists at the Melbourne School of Tactile Therapies and Victoria University

  • I learnt photography skills from my mother, a professional photographer. I have specialized in birth photography for over 20 years (I use many of these photos in my teaching and have created an inspiring photographic teaching aid for use in ante-natal education, which is being used by childbirth educators in Australia, Europe and USA).

  • I am a trained Montessori pre-school teacher (my teaching passion began here!)

  • I have trained in Hospice voluntary work/ palliative care (serving as a midwife for the dying has been a great privilege)

  • I have presented nationally in Australia and in UK as a guest speaker for: conferences, maternity hospitals, schools and universities, students and practitioners of midwifery, massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.

  • I have experience working as a registered midwife in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland - in a very progressive baby-friendly woman-centred maternity unit where women were supported to give birth instinctively and naturally to breech babies, twins, waterborn babies, and to have vaginal birth after multiple caesarian births.

  • In Australia I worked as a midwife in the Melbourne public hospital system, where I especially enjoyed working with migrant women.

  • I have over 30 years experience attending births in a wide variety of settings including home and family birth centre.

  • I contributed regularly to the Childbirth Education Teacher Training program for midwives and health workers at Melbourne's Royal Womens Hospital. I also offered professional development trainings and workshops in maternity hospitals around Australia.

  • I have done voluntary midwifery work in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. (Please visit www.highlandsfoundation.org.au to find out more. ) 

  • I speak fluent French and have offered birth workshops in France for parents and birth professionals..

  • I have been guest teacher on the Holistic Birth practitioner training course (Devon, UK).

  • I now co-facilitate Professional Development training for Bowen Therapists to work with mothers and babies. These trainings have been held around Europe including London, Vienna, Lisbon, Paris, Budapest, Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, and Poland. In 2018 I offered a teaching tour in Australia.

  • In 2014 I co-authored the chapter on pregnancy and birth in "Using the Bowen Technique" book and contributed widely in 2015 to the book "Choices in Pregnancy and Childbirth", both written by John Wilks

  • Since 2009, I am living in UK, based in Shoreham by Sea, near Brighton, West Sussex (with short stays in London) where I am available for private consultations, classes, Holistic Bowen Technique Therapy, and occasional birth support (doula). 

  • See my 'Consultations' and 'Active Birth Workshop' web pages for more details.

  • See also Positive Preparation / Useful Tips for Mothers to be By Lina Clerke

  • I offer consultations and private childbirth preparation sessions via Skype.

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